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A lake where we camped in the Blue Ridge Mountains ... sure do miss the mountains!

Just a Few of my Favorite Links

  • My Jim's home page - My sweetie's site
  • FransComputerServices.com - Fran's Computer Servies (my biz site)
  • FTHomeTech.com -- Reliable and Affordable Dialup service starting at $11.50/mo prepaid on a monthly basis and as little as $10.00/mo ($120) prepaid on an 12 Month Plan.
  • Ziggynet.com -- ZiggyNet.com - Wireless Internet and VoIP services. . Main webcasting sponsor of our CNI Radio
  • RightWayRemodeling.com - RightWay Remodeling, LLC is more than a name; it's a promise, according to not only the owners Jonathan and Gina Bunker,. but also their clients.
  • DanvilleChristianFellowshipCOG.com - DanvilleChristianFellowship where everyone is welcome.
  • StickerPlate.com - Sticker Plate has great 'sticker plates' for motor cycles for military and local county stickers.
  • PittmanSupply.com -- Pittman Supply Company, LLC is a local Wakefield, VA plumbing supply company.
  • RhythmKingsBand.com - Rhythm Kings band - local band in the Va Beach area of Virginia.See their schedule of live performances and their new Pleasure Avenue CD.
  • KarenMcDine.com -- Karen McDine - Local singer-songwriter, guitarist. Find out about this unique lady and her music. See her Schedule, lyrics from her music, listen live or download MP3 samples of her music.
  • MaskMusic.com -- Mask Music - is a very interesting site - free sound clips - buy great music on vinyl albums and 45s, 78s, etc. - Great for collectors - Talk about music on their message forum.
    BobbysOTR.com -- Bobby's Digital OTR is a very interesting Old Time Radio site where you can buy wonderful old radio shows from a great selection on CDs at great prices.
  • Google.com -- One of the best search engines
  • Google.com/linux -- Search engine specific to Linux
  • Speakeasy's RPMFind.net -- Linux RPM search and download
  • SurplusComputers.com -- Lots of cool and inexpensive PC products
  • LSL.com is now part of CheapBytes.com -- CheapBytes.com -- Purchase linux products on CD inexpensively
  • LWN.net/ -- Bringing you the latest news from the Linux world
  • DailyPress.com -- One of our local newspapers
  • VaGazette.com -- Virginia Gazette -- Williamsburg, VA's newspaper since 1736
  • InterlinkComputers.com -- Local distributor of PC products
  • Printwell -- Local Williamsburg Printer
  • Traico.com -- Traico's Site - Internet Radio Station - Marlaina Leiberg's NightLight Show

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