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A lake where we camped in the Blue Ridge Mountains ... sure do miss the mountains!

Will Be Lovingly Remembered
And Greatly Missed

June 18, 2002 - Our beautiful blue/violet/yellow parakeet passed away from old age. Cosmo was with us for many years and was a precious little member of our family.

Cosmo's Life

Cosmo was a highly social bird; strong, independent and loving.Cosmo2

We were fortunate enough to have him with us for nearly 11 years (especially since parakeets normally live 5-10 years). He actually talked! He would clearly say things like: "Hello Baby," "Hi Cosmo," "Merry Christmas," What's up doc," and several other phrases. We raised each of our birds since they were five weeks old. Now this was not so great a feat for a parakeet since he was quite the little fledgling and had all his feathers by then and ate on his own. But he had endured an airplane trip with his brothers and sisters to get to Virginia from a parakeet breeder in Illinois. We got Cosmo from them because they bred parakeets whose lineage included parakeets that had been proven to actually talk....and Cosmo really did talk!

Cosmo1Cosmo (and Yoda, our Cockatiel) went camping with us in the mountains and at the shore. We would clip their wings so they wouldn't get lost, but they would stay with us and thoroughly enjoyed being out in the wild.

Yoda coming out to say hello to Cosmo on one of our camping trips. They thoroughly enjoyed each others company, but Cosmo wanted to be Yoda's best friend and always wanted to be near him. Yoda on the other hand liked Cosmo, but not too close! It has always been so much fun to have our birds with us when we go camping so we could talk with them and socialize.

Cosmo and Yoda Camping

Cosmo loved so many things; playing on his playgym, visiting Jim and I and eating people food (all except green stuff, go figure). He loved to bathe under the faucet in the kitchen sink. He would fly into the kitchen and climb down my arm to get to the faucet for a bath.

Our children, who are now grown and all on their own, grew up with Cosmo. When they call home, they always liked to hear Cosmo and would talk to him over the phone on occasion. They loved Cosmo as much as Jim and I.

Cosmo and me enjoying our camping

Cosmo and Curly socializing. Curly was our Latino (yellow/white) Parakeet that died several years ago. She also lived to a ripe old age.

Cosmo and Curly Socializing

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