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A lake where we camped in the Blue Ridge Mountains ... sure do miss the mountains!

Children and Grandchildren

Let me see, I am the proud mother of three grown children; two daughters and one son. Our daughters have been married for some time now. We have two grandsons; Roger Daniel, who was born in May 2001 and Robbie (Robert Douglas), born in January 2003, from our younger daughter, Rachel and her husband Roger. We also have one granddaughter, named Megan Elizabeth, who was born January 2002 to our elder daughter, Robin and her husband Mike. Grandparents twice within 12 months, and once again a year later. And then there were three! We are truly blessed.


Roger Daniel and RobbieRoger Daniel, now three and a half, and his brother Robbie one year old.

Megan Elizabeth is now two years old already.Megan Elizabeth
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These are some of their recent pictures. We are very thankful that we are able to share them with you. Click on each of the pictures and a new browser window will open to view a full size pictures. Or check out the Photo Gallery for more pictures. There are now two pages in the Photo Gallery.


The love of my live, my soul mate and best friend is Jim. We have been together since January 1987. We fell in love at first sight, and have been in love with each other ever since. Don't let anyone tell you that love at first sight doesn't happen, they just don't know what they are talking about. I hope everyone can find a love like this.


I have many interests. I love to go camping (in the mountains best), working on computers, and learning new things. I enjoy reading books, watching satellite TV (C-Band and DishNetwork), watching movies, listening to music, enjoying a wonderful story that helps speak of deep truths in a very expressive manner, such as this one entitled, "Growing Old," and this one, "Silver Smith, as well as our work with CNI Radio, and so many other things.


We have a grey/latino cockatiel named Yoda. We have had him for nearly 6 years. Our son named Yoda for obvious reasons (Star Wars). Yoda is a great sound effects bird. He mimics exactly things like the coffee pot brewing, the refrigerator door, etc. He also whistles (but he has a short memory), and has his own way of entering a conversation, he "jibber-jaws" all through the conversation. The way he does it it really sounds like he is talking, but he's not! We raised Yoda since he was five weeks old which was challenging since he only had pin feathers when he came home! Jim made him a little incubator and we handfed him by syringe on a tight schedule. We took turns coming home in the middle of the work day to feed him.

Until June 18, 2002 we also had a wonderful talking parakeet named Cosmo. You can see his tribute page here.


I have been involved with computers since 1987 when Jim introduced me to them. It has been a wonderful experience. Jim originally taught me to use computers on a CoCo, where you saved your programs to cassette and later to floppies with very limited space. The computer itself was amazing and it could do so much for a 64K machine. Yes, that's right 64K of memory! I soon had to have a IBM-compatible, DOS-based computer. From there I learned to upgrade everything in the box from motherboards, hard drives, modems, video cards, etc., and became very proficient in many Windows-based programs over the years, either at home or through my work.

I soak up any computer-related information like a sponge because I enjoy computers so much. Jim says I am the Windows guru of the family. He of course is the Linux guru. He has long since given up on what he called "the illogical Windows environment." I also very much enjoy Linux, but there are too many programs at this point that I don't wish to give up on that currently only run on Windows. So I have one Windows computer and one Linux computer...the best of both worlds.

I also have owned a computer business since 1997. I started out by helping people with their computers in their homes on a part-time basis. Since then, the business has expanded to full-time and includes many services in the world of website design, Conversion and other office services as well as technical assistance. To find out more about this, visit my business website, Fran's Computer Services. We are also proud to offer our own hosting and design services through our sister site FCS Affordable Hosting and Design powered by FTHomeTech and reliable and affordable Dialup services through FTHomeTech.com which start at $11.50/mo prepaid on a monthly basis, on up to an annual prepaid plan at $10.00/mo ($120). Be sure to mention that Fran sent you.

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